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29 June 09 .... Day 60    (It's over......)


  Our home for the past 60 days


Training Cruise 2009 is officially over.  The ship was cleaned in a whirlwind this morning, gear removed from the quarters, rooms inspected and then everyone was allowed to disembark for the past time on Cruise 2009.  Remembering back to my Cadet Cruises, they will be remembered for an awfully long time.....most of the remembrances good and others that have faded to the good side......like the time I spent in the bilges.


This year started with the unexpected and ended up pretty smoothly with the two canal transits as highlights.  All in all the efforts of all on board tended to make it a learning experience for all.  The excursion Saturday from Rockland to Castine was blessed by the weather gods and seemed enjoyable for all hands. 


Watching a new father greet his never seen son as he was first off the gangway was as much a thrill for us as it was for him.  For the first time that I can remember a 2/C Cadet proposed on bent knee to his girlfriend as he was the second person allowed ashore.  (she accepted)  The family support for our return was terrific and many more were around this morning to help with the move back ashore and or home.


Remember Mom's your son/daughter is now pretty much an expert at ironing, washing and folding clothes, doing dishes in a big way, cleaning rooms, cleaning bathrooms and all manner of other domestic chores.....so don't be reticent in asking for help.


As is the tradition, I was pleased to shake hands with all the departing students and wishing them a great summer.  This web odyssey has been a wonderful chore and I truly hope you felt you were a part of us as we voyaged North and South.  Don't forget to continue tracking our mini-boats.  They are supposed to be capable of transmitting for 12 months.


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Cory Byrnes, Christopher Shannon


Ideals are like stars:  we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them.



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